Veszprém ZOO

The Zoo in a picturesque environment is a pleasant programme for children and adults. There are several thousand special, exotic and well-known animals in the Fejes Valley.

The Kittenberger Kálmán Plant and Animal Park in Veszprén is the third founded Zoo of Hungary. The name giver, Kittenberger Kálmán is remembered by a bust in front of the entrance to the Fejes Valley. The Animal Park can be found in the Fejes Valley and on the Gulya Hill of Veszprém in only 30 minutes from BFYC Pension. 

The next element of the series of developments implemented in the Zoo of Veszprém, and maybe the most expected one following the chimpanzee house and elephant house is the seal and penguin show complex. Guests have not met such a “wet” catwalk so far.


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