Sobri Jóska adventure park

Various programmes in the heart of Bakony, in Kislőd, on an area of 30 hectares. Boating, extreme wire rope tracks, fabulous lake, archery, wall climbing, bowling, etc. for you. 

Adrenalin, energy, activity, dynamism, laughing, joke, fun, fresh air, new energy. You can experience all this in the Kislőd Sobri Jóska Adventure Park in Városlőd, where those loving adventures and excitement are welcomed.

If you would like to have colleagues who manage in every situation, who are competitive and efficient, the whole team should visit this place.  

If you wish to participate in an unforgettable event or outing with your friends or family, this adventure park is here for you. 

If you would like to be near water, and would like to enjoy your privacy on a small island, relaxing and sunbathing, the ideal lake centre is waiting for you. Come, see and win


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