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Freedom on the wings of wind, on the water of Balaton. Our sailing and surfing training provides you with firm knowledge and reliable water routine in one week. 

The school of shipping is part of the great BFYC Group, the location and ships for the training and examination are provided by the port and pension of Balatonkenese, and our guests may feel home during the course, almost living together with the stable circle of friends of the yacht club. 

The training centre was established with the aim to train real shipmen who like shipping as a lifestyle, and who respect water, wind and one another. We provide firm knowledge that does not only give you a permit but also provides you with the experience of responsibility in addition to the pleasure of shipping. 

It is important that when your ship puts out, you should trust your own knowledge, and you should be sure that you will be able to cope with unexpected situations as well. 

Naturally we know that it is very difficult to spend weeks or months learning beside your work and family. Our training schedule allows our students to obtain the knowledge required for the successful examination in a time-saving and intensive manner, by receiving concentrated information in one week, and to obtain the experience that allows them to go on tours with their family and friends with confidence. 

Our curriculum and the topics are officially commented and approved by the National Transport Authority, and we were among the first ones to receive the accreditation required for training. 

During the one week of the training we create an atmosphere that makes participants forget their everyday rushing and worries, and let them live the lifestyle of a shipman. It is guaranteed that if you have once experienced life on open water you will wish to come back because you have found a place in the world where you can rest and relax any time.

Surfguru Windsurf Training Centre welcomes you if you want to stand on the board.
The Yacht Club in Balatonfő provides an ideal environment for this. The closed bay of the port, its family atmosphere and high standard services provide you with pleasant entertainment for the whole day.


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